Having Faith in a Move

By J.P. Montalvan

I recently sat down with some clients who had just bought a new home. They have lived in their current home for several decades, and one of them was having a very hard time with the idea of moving. Even though this is something that they had talked about doing for years, now that the time had come she was very anxious and sad about the move.

So I shared with her an important word we don’t use a lot in real estate – faith.

What she was feeling was very normal. If you think about the last time you moved, do you remember all the feelings you had about the move? Hopefully you felt excitement, and it’s also very normal to be stressed by a move and feel everything from angry and sad to exhausted and overwhelmed.

For many people, a home offers sanctuary. Whether we’re talking the inside or outside, if you think about your home, you’ve probably dedicated parts to specific activities that help you relax or enjoy your favorite activities. Whether it’s the kitchen, the TV room, a bath, the garden, or some other space, we generally make and find sanctuary somewhere in our homes.

This idea of sanctuary extends even beyond the areas of the home and how they make us feel – it includes the great memories we make in a home. Our client was thinking about all of these memories – it being her first home with her husband, raising her kids in the home, celebrating birthdays and holidays in the home, and many more memories. With the move, she felt her sanctuary was being taken away.

So, why did I bring up faith?

Because based on all the people our team has helped, I knew that she would create a new sanctuary in her new home. She would have new spaces to enjoy, and she would make new memories. They are downsizing and moving to be closer to their daughter, son-in-law and their grandchildren, so they would have many more chances to make these memories.

Even though the mind might understand these things, the heart pulls us in the other direction. Psychology Today shares that a review of 129 behavioral change studies found that the least effective change strategies hinged on fear and regret. As much as this sounds cliché, real change needs a positive platform to launch from.

That’s where faith comes in. Not in in a spiritual way, although you might rely on that as well. We all need positive, self-edifying reasons for making a change. Faith means having complete confidence in someone or something. I shared with her that our team had never had clients who had made a move for the right reasons and that regretted that move. I suggested she start to think daily about all the positive reasons they were making the move – in their case to be closer to family and to be helped by family.

In short, I asked her to have faith in our team’s experience. I asked her to practice faith in their decision by creating a positive platform in her mind in thinking about her move to their new home.

As always, if we can help you find your best way forward, we’re a call, text or email away.